Do you sell prints of the images on your website?

Yes!  Most of our images are available in print and become increasingly stunning when framed correctly.  We are releasing a collection of images in a hardback book in the Fall of 2017.  Check out our online store for Pre-order information.  Titled, XV-On the Road with Lone Wolf, images captured along the way, the book will include a variety of images selected from those captured as we rolled along during the fifteen years we spent traveling.

Content Copyright.  Lone Wolf Photography, a series of Ma'iitsoh, L.L.C.  All Rights Reserved.

Do I own the images captured at my session or event?

The answer depends on how much you want to spend.  Corporate clients are provided with a release allowing them the right to use a predetermined number of images captured at their session or event for their promotional purposes.  

Usage rights are non-transferable.

We recognize that all of our clients are unique and we customize each project to meet the needs of the client.  Additional fees for items such as copyright purchase are negotiable.

How many photos can I expect?
We typically shoot over 3,000 frames in an eight hour period.  Those files are edited to approximately 600 carefully selected images. 

During a 2-hour portrait session, we create roughly 100 - 150 edited images.  Our prices include limited use license for these images.  

Will my event coverage be published?

Producers of equine competitions ask this question most often.  We provide the producer with a predetermined number of images carefully selected to represent the event.  It is the producer's responsibility to release the images to the press.  We provide written event press releases for an additional fee.  There is no guarantee concerning press coverage, but we love to have our images seen in various features.

Why do I have to pay to view my contestant proofs online?

Numerous hours of work go into capturing a competition.  We arrive early and stay late.  Organizing and uploading proofs for contestants requires countless additional hours of work.  We are excited to know most contestants or their family members want to look at their images, but times have changed and most do not purchase prints.  In order to maintain the highest level of service to all of our clients, we charge a nominal fee as compensation for our time.  We provide a credit in the amount of the fee to contestants who choose to purchase prints or digital downloads.

Do we both take pictures?
​Yes!  We are a husband - wife photography team.  Gabe is the lead photographer and Stephenie is an assistant photographer.  

Do you sell the images from equine events to commercial clients?

Yes.  One of our sources of income is from corporate sales of images created at professional competitions.  

Additional Services Offered ~ Real Film

An additional and unique option we offer is the use of Real Film.  We have a variety of cameras which utilize the old school method of capturing images, actual film.  Prices are additional and vary based on the type and amount of images requested.

Can I get my photos printed where ever I want?

This is a question we often get from contestants purchasing digital downloads of their images or wedding couples and families.  We furnish all of our clients with a selection of images and a copyright release providing permission to print their images. However, consumer grade printers are rarely calibrated for professional color matching and image quality.  If you are going to pay for high-quality photography then it would make sense to invest in high-quality printing for your most cherished memories.

What does a Documentary Project include?

There are two types of Documentary Projects we work on which are differentiated by time.  

  • Short Term projects are 10 days or less of consecutive content capture work.  
  • Long Term projects typically consist of numerous capture sessions over a period of one year or longer.  

Capture Time & Travel Time are included in your initial estimate.  Travel Expenses are additional and billed monthly.  

In addition to a selection of images in an online gallery, both types of projects include a collection of images printed in a beautiful hardback book.  Short Term projects are restricted to 100 pages or less.  Long Term projects do not have print length restrictions.  3 copies of the finished book will be provided to the project sponsor for both Long Term and Short Term Projects. Additional copies of the finished book will be available to the project sponsor at wholesale rates.  

Additional prints, usage rights, and copyrights are available for an additional fee.


Lone Wolf Photography, L.L.C.