McDowell-Sorsby Wedding, Iola, Texas

We love to apply our documentary style on your special day.

​We freelance for a variety of news publications.

Gabe is the primary photographer and Stephenie provides manuscripts to an assortment of reporting outlets.

Real Film

Capturing images utilizing old school methods and tools such as real film is an option you may select.

Documentary Projects such as this one focusing on the individuals of Advo Companies require an extended commitment of time and resources.  The documentary book created during this project may be purchased in our online store or directly from Advo Companies, Inc. in Amarillo, Texas.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of the book go to Advo Companies, Inc.

If you are looking for contestant proofs from an equine event, then you are in the wrong place.  You may purchase contestant proofs in our online store by clicking on the button labeled "Shopping!".


Melby-Small Wedding - Welch, Oklahoma

We love to apply our documentary photography skills on your special day!  

Lone Wolf Photography, L.L.C.


Post-hurricane Louisiana 2005

Images from New Orleans & Cameron, Louisiana



Cranberries & Cattle - near Bancroft, Wisconsin

Images are provided electronically or may be curated into an elegant hardback keepsake book for an additional fee.


Senior Pictures

Kirby Blankenship - Lampasas, Texas

We apply our documentary style to senior portraits, capturing the heart of the individual during the excitement of the completion of one phase of their life and the anticipation of a new one.


Women's March in Austin, Texas

​January 21, 2017


We keep our skills sharp freelancing for various news agencies.​​


We have spent over 15 years on the road, traveling each weekend to a different equine related event and capturing contestants as they compete in the arena.  We still love to work on these projects, but we have reduced the number of these we cover to allow others seeking access to our time an opportunity and other aspects of our creative minds to flourish.  We charge a negotiated fee for the photography services involved in capturing an event.  

Spicer Gripp Memorial - Hereford, Texas

The Spicer Gripp Memorial Foundation sponsors our attendance to their week-long list of activities including an Open Roping, Barbecue Cook-Off, Sponsor Recognition Dinner, Concert, and Dance in Hereford, Texas the first weekend in August.  We would not miss the opportunity to visit with friends who are like family in the panhandle of Texas that week.  A commemorative book was created for the event's 20th Anniversary and is available for purchase in our online store.

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EVENTS - RFD-TV's American Rodeo

February 2017 in AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas

​Interlude Spa - Lampasas, Texas


Lynch Family Portrait - Lampasas, Texas

We are not suited for stodgy posed family portraits, but if you want to have fun while we capture some great family moments then we are the team for you!


Advo Companies, Inc. - Amarillo, Texas

Over the last several years, we have been working with the folks at Advo Companies, Inc. in Amarillo, Texas on a project which culminated in the production of a hard back book, Opening Doors of Opportunity and Windows of Hope, documenting the achievements and aspirations of the organization.


We contribute images and text to a variety of publications.